Friends of the DuPage Figure Skating Club

A program created for those who are fans of the sport and our very own DuPage FSC and wish to contribute to its continued success. Often you may know of friends, relatives, former skaters, and club members who want to contribute directly to the ongoing programs of our club, but yet, do not need a full USFS membership. The "Friends of DuPage" is a perfect outlet for this purpose. Funds raised help promote and support member skaters. All donations are tax deductible.


James Mirabile Gold Blade Award

The DuPage FSC recognizes that reaching the highest level in our sport is a great accomplishment for all skaters. The Gold Blade Award honors those members who have achieved these levels through our Club, and a special award is presented to them at our annual awards. To receive this award, the skater must be a DuPage FSC member for two consecutive years and have passed both their Pre-Gold and Gold Singles tests on a DuPage FSC test session; Dance Pre-Gold and Gold tests on a DuPage FSC test session; and/or Pairs Pre-Gold and Gold tests on a DuPage FSC test session. Please note that passing the test equivalent of these levels at a competition (Including at the DuPage Open) does NOT fulfill the criteria.


Gold Star Award

The DuPage Figure Skating Club also gives special recognition to its Adult skaters who have been DuPage FSC members for two consecutive years and have passed their Adult Silver and Gold Free Skating Test on a DuPage FSC test session.


The Eileen and Joseph Serafine Scholarship

The DuPage Figure Skating Club offers a $1,000 scholarship to club athletes of USFS Junior and Senior singles and pairs level to further their collegiate studies and who wish to pursue a career outside the figure skating profession. Awards are based on those individuals with strong leadership abilities, manifest ideals, academic performance, positive attitude and conduct. Recipient must be a full time student at a University/College (or enrolled and entering their first year at college) and agree to trial judge for the DuPage FSC a minimum of 12 hours in the year. Participating as a trial judge at the DuPage Open may be accepted if recipient has judging status. If no successful candidates are found in a particular year, the funds will be retained and reinvested. DuPage athletes wishing to apply must submit an application by December 1st of the current year. Applicants may reapply yearly for a maximum of up to four years.

For additional information, please contact:
    Recording Secretary - Stephanie Lab (see application)

Barbara Hopper Award

The DuPage Figure Skating Club presents the Barbara Hopper Award to club member(s) that have performed outstanding service and dedication to our club.